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Fast Tent Installation for 600-person Corporate Event

Fast Tent Installation for 600-person Corporate Event

Every spring, our popular retail chain customer holds an employee appreciation event. One employee from each store around the world attends this event, amounting to about 600 people. Because this is an employee appreciation event, our customer not only needed a large tent with interior amenities but also needed the tent installed and removed quickly, as the event was held on the local public grounds. This project's challenge was a tight timeline with extensive inventory needs.

Project Overview
Space / Type
30,000 SF
Installation Time
2 Days
Corporate Events

The Challenge

While L2 Structures has decades of experience in event tent installation, time and an organized operation can be challenging. Because the event was held on local county fairgrounds, our customer could not occupy the space for long, thus, making a fast installation a necessity. The challenge was the size and quantity of tents needed to accommodate 600 attendees. With that number of attendees, several fire safety codes also needed to be met, which required extra equipment, including lights, doors, and aisles.

The Solution

At the start of the project, the priority was coordinating the installation team and equipment to the site as quickly as possible, considering travel time. Efficient communication processes and an organized inventory allowed L2 Structures to start the project on time, which was imperative to a successful event.

To accommodate 600 attendees, L2 Structures built three clear span tents (two 20m x 40m and one 20m x 80m), totaling over 30,000 sq. ft. of space. Safety codes also required four doors per smaller tent and eight doors per larger tent with safety push bars and emergency lighting over each entrance/exit.

During the installation, the team faced direct sun with hot and humid weather and wind gusts near 20 mph, creating challenging working conditions. However, the weather was not an issue for the experienced team at L2 Structures, as they could still get the tents built and ready on time. 

The Experience

Events require a unique behind-the-scenes hustle so that guests can fully enjoy themselves. For this event, attendees enjoyed games, gifts, food trucks, and more activities over several days without any thought to the tent they were occupying, which is often the goal. The quests' experience was possible because of the knowledge and expertise L2 Structures demonstrates on every project.  

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