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L2 Structures Delivers on Tight Deadline with Custom L2 Pro+ Series Tent

The L2 Structures team rapidly deployed a customized 164' x 263' L2 Pro+ Series tent at BlueOval SK’s new battery production facility in Kentucky, meeting an urgent one-week deadline and specific requirements for semi-truck clearance and equipment storage. The project involved installing custom gable ends for increased clearance, multiple access doors, and handling a last-minute expansion, all while maintaining strict safety standards. This successful installation underscored L2 Structures' capacity for quickly providing large-scale, flexible solutions under tight deadlines and complex conditions.

Temporary storage warehouse
Total square footage:
43,100 square feet
One 164' x 263' L2 Pro+ Series structure


Rapidly deploy a large warehouse tent with custom specifications to accommodate semi-truck clearance and pre-production equipment storage within a tight one-week deadline.


Installation of a 164' x 263' L2 Pro+ Series tent with custom gable ends and expanded dimensions.


Successful, timely setup that met all client specifications for space and clearance, ensuring seamless pre-production operations.

Project Overview

In a critical phase of establishing BlueOval SK’s new battery production facility in Kentucky, there was an urgent need for a large, secure warehouse space to store vital pre-production equipment. The client required a fast and flexible solution that could be adapted to specific needs, including significant semi-truck access.

L2 Solution

The L2 Structures team was tasked with this high-priority project, providing a custom-designed 164' x 263' L2 Pro+ Series tent, totaling 43,132 square feet. The project included:

  • Tents & Accessories: Custom gable ends were installed to increase the clearance height from 13 feet to 13.6 feet, accommodating large semi-truck loads, alongside four sets of double personnel doors and four garage doors for versatile access and usage.
  • Rapid Deployment: The entire structure was delivered and installed within one week from the signing of the contract, including a last-minute expansion request which added an additional 66 feet to the tent's length.

Installation Challenges

Handling the urgent timeline and the additional custom specifications while maintaining high safety standards were key challenges. The site was a high-safety area, requiring:

  • Safety Compliance: Implementation of a site-specific safety orientation, lift plans, pre-task plans, and adherence to stringent personal protective equipment (PPE) standards.
  • Certified Staff: Deployment of OSHA 30 certified contractors and a highly skilled operating crew to ensure a safe, efficient, and compliant installation process.

L2 Advantage

  • Experience: Decades of industry experience with a strong portfolio of both standard and complex installations.
  • Durability: Structures designed to meet stringent local building codes for wind, snow, and safety.
  • Service: Full-service project management from concept through completion, including expedited permitting and installation.
  • Availability: Capacity to quickly respond to urgent needs, providing large-scale installations on short notice.


The L2 Pro+ Series tent installation for BlueOval SK highlighted L2 Structures’ ability to meet critical deadlines and custom requirements efficiently. This project exemplifies our commitment to providing flexible, durable, and rapid deployment solutions for industrial applications, ensuring our clients can proceed with their strategic initiatives without delay.