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L2 Pro & Pro+ Series

Product overview - L2 Pro & Pro+ Series

Our lightweight and flexible solution for short-term projects that require quick installation

The L2 Pro and Pro+ Series structures are designed to deliver versatile and efficient tent solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Whether you need quick setup for temporary storage, breakroom space, durable installation for ongoing industrial use, or even for an event space these tents offer the flexibility and robustness to meet your project’s demands.

Quick Facts

Key advantages of this flexible structure

Quick setup

L2 Pro and Pro+ Series tents offer rapid installation, and can be ready for use on any surface within days, saving time and hassle.

Space maximization

With pole-free interiors, the L2 Pro and Pro+ Series maximize space, ensuring every inch is usable for your needs.

Weather protection

Constructed with high-quality materials, these structures ensure your operations stay dry and secure in various weather conditions.

Flexible functionality

Easily adjustable in size, the L2 Pro and Pro+ Series offer flexible solutions for expanding or reducing space requirements effortlessly.

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aerial view of L2 pro plus series tent with trucks

Experience the Innovation of L2 Pro and Pro+ Series: Redefining Temporary Structures

The L2 Pro and Pro+ series are at the forefront of temporary structure solutions, offering cutting-edge features that cater to a diverse range of applications. Engineered for those who demand excellence, both series combine state-of-the-art materials with innovative design to deliver outstanding durability and versatility. The L2 Pro series, ideal for commercial and industrial use, features a robust framework that can withstand diverse environmental conditions without compromising on safety or comfort. Its modular nature allows for extensive customization, adapting seamlessly to the specific needs of each project.

Expanding on the foundation of the L2 Pro, the L2 Pro+ series introduces enhanced features that elevate its utility and performance. With upgraded materials for increased resistance to environmental stressors and advanced modular components, the Pro+ series is perfect for high-demand scenarios where additional strength and flexibility are paramount. Each unit within this series is designed for rapid deployment and reconfiguration, minimizing setup times and operational disruptions, thus ensuring that projects stay on schedule.

Both the L2 Pro and Pro+ series are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, making them suitable for a wide range of environments, from bustling event spaces to rigorous construction sites. With these structures, clients gain not just a temporary space solution, but a strategic asset that enhances efficiency and productivity. Whether you are hosting a large event or need a dependable structure for a complex project, the L2 Pro and Pro+ series are designed to meet your needs with unmatched professionalism and quality.

Product comparison

L2 Pro Series vs. L2 Pro+ Series

L2 Pro series aerial view
Pro Series

Our L2 Pro Series temporary structures are perfect for short- to medium-term rentals in areas with mild weather conditions. Featuring durable vinyl tops and sidewalls, these structures offer a lightweight, flexible solution for projects that don't require heavy-duty specifications.

Typical rental Term:
1 to 12 months
Key features:
IBC compliant
Weather protection
Theft protection
Condensation protection
Frost protection
L2 Pro plus series exterior two doors
Pro+ Series

Our L2 Pro+ Series structures are designed for medium-term rentals in areas with mild to moderate weather conditions. Offering enhanced features like insulated steel sidewalls, these temporary structures are to designed to provide enhanced weather protection and security over the standard Pro Series.

Typical rental Term:
6 to 24 months
Key features:
IBC compliant
Weather protection
Theft protection
Condensation protection
Frost protection

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Popular applications for L2 Pro & Pro+ Series Structures

Flexible solutions to meet all of your needs

Accessories & Add-Ons

Customize your structure with our wide range of accessories and add-ons

At L2 Structures, we understand that the needs of each project are as unique as the clients we serve. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of accessories and add-ons, designed to enhance your temporary structure and tailor it to your specific requirements. Whether you're looking to improve comfort, increase functionality, or add a touch of luxury, our wide array of accessories are sure to help bring your vision to life.

Heating and cooling

Our HVAC systems are designed for optimal climate control, ensuring a comfortable environment under any weather conditions.


Our power solutions are reliable and scalable, designed to meet the energy demands of any project, ensuring continuous operations.


Professional flooring helps your outdoor structure feel more complete. We offer vinyl floors, turf, hexadecks, or plywood.

Overhead doors

Our overhead doors offer superior security and convenience, engineered to provide easy access and robust protection for any facility.


Enhance visibility and safety on your site, designed to meet the demands of various environments and ensure optimal working conditions.

Semi-truck docks

Our semi-truck docks are designed to facilitate easy and efficient loading and unloading, ensuring seamless integration with your project logistics.

Emergency package

Essential emergency lighting and clear exit signage are designed to ensure safety and compliance, providing peace of mind in critical situations

Pedestrian doors

Our pedestrian doors combine security and functionality, providing easy access for personnel while maintaining the safety of your site.

L2 Pro & Pro+ Series: Gallery of past projects

Showcasing versatile structures that adapt swiftly to meet your project needs

aerial view of pro series tents
breakroom with amenities
tesla warehouse
l2 pro series internal with tables
l2 pro series aerial construction site
l2 aerial with planes
l2 pro series internal
l2 pro series internal with tables
pro series aerial view construction site
inside pro series with flooring and lighting