Natural Disaster Relief Tents

Natural Disaster Relief Tents

L2 Structures’ quick response and 24/7 availability make us the number-one choice to fulfill military and FEMA disaster relief tent requests. We provide the military, government agencies, and government contractors with temporary tent structures for temporary shelters, command centers, storage, field hospitals, dining halls for disaster relief recovery following hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, pandemics, flooding, and more.

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Benefits of our Natural Disaster Relief Tents


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Choose a budget-friendly alternative that delivers protection and security without an expensive permanent warehouse.


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Experience a sturdy, aluminum frame without center poles so workers can move freely about the tent with limited obstructions.


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Get the same level of security as a permanent structure, providing the protection required for sensitive inventory and equipment.


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Eliminate the excess time and expense incurred with off-site storage when you have a temporary storage solution on the same site.

Tent Selections

L2 Pro & Pro+ Series

Standard clear span tents for short-term and medium-term structure use.

Our L2 Pro and Pro+ Series are the most popular choice for temporary and semi-permanent structures for one reason -- their versatility. These tents can be customized to serve any project's needs - big or small, from storing excess inventory and equipment to serving as a full-size temporary location during business renovation.

Popular Sizes

L2 TITAN series

Engineered for long-term and permanent projects

Our TITAN structures are fully insulated and snow loaded, offering all the benefits of a permanent building with the installation speed of a clear span tent. These structures are perfect for long-term projects and projects subject to regular snow. The TITAN series can be nearly any size you need, from smaller storage solutions to more extensive equipment and operational needs.

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We carry several other sizes. Contact us to learn about our complete inventory selection.


Completely customize your space with a wide range of accessories from power, HVAC, overhead LED lighting, garage doors, personnel doors, and flooring.

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