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Rapid Deployment and Innovative Design: L2 Structures' Support for Military Exercise in Indiana

L2 Structures successfully delivered rapid, efficient, and innovative solutions for a critical military exercise in Indiana. Within a stringent 10-day window, we installed 80,000 square feet of engineered clear span structures, designed to meet specific military needs and withstand challenging ground conditions. This project not only demonstrated our ability to meet tight deadlines but also enhanced operational readiness, providing military personnel with highly functional and comfortable facilities almost immediately after installation. Our adaptability and expertise in engineered structures ensured seamless operations and set a benchmark for future military collaborations.

Military Exercise Support
Total square footage:
80,000 square feet
Six 20m x 60m L2 Pro Series


The project presented a significant challenge: replacing a previous provider due to upgraded facility requirements and the need for a quick turnaround. The objective was to install large, engineered structures within a 10-day window on a site that exhibited deteriorating ground conditions. This situation necessitated an agile response and a redesign of the initial setup plans to meet stringent military standards and timelines.


After a thorough site assessment that revealed the muddy and unstable ground, the decision was made to redesign the installation plan. This included the deployment of engineered clear span structures, which are known for their durability and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. The L2 Pro Series tents were highly configurable, facilitating rapid installation while meeting the specific needs of the military exercise.


The installation was executed within the stringent ten-day timeframe, demonstrating L2 Structures' capability in meeting critical deadlines. Remarkably, the military was able to start utilizing the new facilities just 48 hours after the project's completion. The feedback from end users was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the enhanced functionality and improved comfort of the new structures.

L2 Solution

L2 Structures provided a solution that was not only timely but also tailored to the unique demands of the military setting. The use of engineered clear span structures ensured that the temporary facilities were not only quick to install but also robust enough to handle the specific challenges of the environment. This approach minimized potential disruptions and ensured seamless continuity of the military operations.

L2 Advantage

The advantage provided by L2 Structures lay in our extensive experience and specialized expertise in temporary structure installations. Our expertise allowed for rapid adaptation to environmental and logistical challenges, ensuring that each phase of the project aligned with operational needs and strategic goals. Furthermore, L2 Structures' commitment to quality and reliability in high-pressure environments proved essential in delivering a successful outcome.


This project underscored L2 Structures' role as a pivotal partner in military logistics, capable of delivering complex solutions under tight deadlines. The successful completion of the military exercise support structures in Indiana has not only solidified L2 Structures' reputation for reliability and efficiency but has also paved the way for future collaborations. The project highlighted our innovation in design and flexibility in execution, setting a high standard for future operations in similar challenging environments.