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Cost-Effective Solution for a Wastewater Facility in Oregon

Cost-Effective Solution for a Wastewater Facility in Oregon

At Grant Pass, Oregon, a wastewater restoration center needed a cost-effective solution to enclose the sludge-holding tank while retrofitting pipes for their digester project. Because of the complexity of the project and the expertise of the L2 team, contractors determined that the best solution would be to utilize an L2 tent rental to provide overhead site protection for several months during the demolition and installation of their project components. A pre-site inspection was vital to this project's success as the team discovered the tank was in a confined space with elevation changes. L2 Structures installed an L2 Pro Series tent over the entirety of this job site to protect the plumbing and pumps from getting contaminated by external debris while their project was underway. To complete the project on time, L2 brought in specialized equipment to move tent parts and customized the tent legs to accommodate a tight, uneven job site terrain. 

Project Overview
Space / Type
8,073 sq. ft.
Installation Time
5 days

The Challenge

The main challenge of this project was determining how to cover a 75′ diameter tank in a restricted space. L2 could not drive heavy equipment over the surrounding grass and concrete, as usually done for installation. In addition, the immediate area surrounding the tank was uneven, making the standard tent setup impractical. 

The Solution

For the crew to effectively cover the wastewater sludge tank without damaging the surrounding area with heavy equipment, L2 acquired atypical job site equipment, including extra-long telehandlers and man lifts, and utilized a crane to reach the installation area. This specialized equipment transferred the needed materials directly over the tank. To install and level the tent on uneven ground, the team customized a few legs from 8′ to 13′ to properly support the tent. Not only was the L2 install team able to overcome the physical obstacles at the job site, but they were also able to start two weeks earlier than scheduled and complete the installation within five days, which allowed the wastewater restoration team to start their project ahead of schedule.

The Experience

L2 Structures prides itself on creative solutions to job site challenges. Because L2 prioritized a pre-install site inspection, the team identified challenges as early as possible, enabling them to proactively secure the necessary equipment and measure for the correct leg dimensions. The client was impressed with the team’s expertise and professionalism and was elated to have an early and quick installation. L2 takes safety seriously and held in-depth safety meetings to ensure everyone involved was protected with the proper safety gear and aware of their surroundings. This site was also nominated for the Rose Award, a recognition program for leaders in safety excellence. 

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