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Simultaneous Installation of Tent and Surrounding Infrastructure

Simultaneous Installation of Tent and Surrounding Infrastructure

Before relocating to a permanent facility, a temporary manufacturing facility was needed to beta-test new ways to recycle vegetation and maintain operational testing capacity. This project's timeline required tent installation to occur while a paving team simultaneously poured asphalt for the roadway and pad outside of the tent. Collaboration between L2 and other crews, as well as L2's preparation before coming on-site, were necessities to achieve the final solution.

Project Overview
Space / Type
9,604 SF
Installation Time
6 days

The Challenge

This project was unique in requiring multiple teams of workers to collaborate simultaneously to ensure the project was completed within the time frame. Not only did L2's temporary tent structure need to be erected, but a paving team was required to pour asphalt to create a pad outside of the structure, as well as to construct the roadway leading to the structure. In addition, the structure needed to be erected on a mountain side and therefore required tall legs (5m high) to ensure semi-trucks, bulldozers, and forklifts could enter and exit the structure. Because the project had several crews working at the same time on different aspects of the project, planning and preparation were important.

The Solution

To address the project's challenges, L2 Structures had to ensure all the materials were on site before the concrete pad and asphalt road were poured. Because the asphalt roadway would take 8 hours to dry, forgetting materials was not an option. Thus, impeccable planning was needed. For the structure to be erected on the concrete pad, each hole needed to be drilled out and vacuumed to ensure no dust remained within the holes. Once the holes were drilled and cleaned out, the epoxy was applied, allowing for a 72-hour dry time based on weather conditions. The L2 team also installed LED lighting to ensure testing and manufacturing could be performed throughout all hours of the day, as well as HVAC systems to create temperature-controlled areas to better withstand testing requirements. The installation process took six days, was supervised by an inspector, and followed strict safety protocol.

The Experience

On the 7th day of the project, the manufacturing client was able to place their generators to begin bringing inventory and materials into the testing facility structure. L2's experience installing tents under any conditions and challenges allowed this project to be completed without delays. L2 Structures' knowledge and experience helped to complete this project successfully and on time.

LED Lighting
Safety Package
Leg Height Requirements
Inspector Approved